Sustainability Requires All Hands On Deck


We all know that shipping needs to play its part in global climate change efforts under the Paris Agreement. Whilst IMO regulatory work and capacity-building initiatives are proactively addressing GHG emissions from international shipping, we simply must increase momentum and act now.

We cannot afford to wait for the marine industry to evolve at its own pace.  Change needs to come and we have to collaborate on a grand scale to achieve it. This implies cooperation, integration and data-sharing, and requires acceptance and standardisation right across the marine sector.

Gas Fest is about gathering the right industry stakeholders to collectively lead the way toward a greener future. As gas experts, all attendees are in pivotal positions to do something about the state of our planet.

Together we can tailor sustainable solutions that’ll accelerate the uptake of cleaner fuels in shipping.

Gas Fest 2019 will be planned and produced with sustainability as a core value. We will actively employ new ways to decrease the carbon footprint of the event. Please send comments and suggestions to