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GasFest 2017

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In an era of technological disruption, the gas industry needs to develop a coherent message and strategic roadmap on how to effectively encourage the utilization of gas, in particular LNG, in order to stay relevant for the foreseeable future. The Gas Fest is uniquely designed to engage high level leaders and influencers across the value chain, onshore and offshore, in framing the gas agenda. We will drill into opportunities and challenges, identify solutions and form effective collaborations to reinforce the role of LNG in a low-carbon future.





Making shipping a little greener: the role of LNG in the future shipping fuel mix


Dr Edmund Hughes

Head, Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency Marine Environment Division



Lauran Wetemans

GM – Downstream LNG



John F. Hatley PE

Director Market Shaping, Gas Initiatives

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

Power generation and energy storage


Dominique Verians

LNG Director – Gas Chain



Niklas Wägar

Director, Technology and Product Management

Wärtsilä Energy Solutions

Political, macro-economic and environmental aspects impacting the future of LNG in the energy mix


Didier Sire

Senior Advisor to the Secretary General and Head of Sectoral Programmes

World Energy Council


Tjerk de Vries

Executive Vice President and Regional Director


Alternatives and supplementing energy forms to LNG


Kenneth Engblom

Director, Sales & Marketing, LNG Solutions

Wärtsilä Energy Solutions


An explosive opening panel featuring Shell, Gasum, World Energy Council and more…
The Gas Fest will be expertly moderated by Dr. Gabrielle Walker.

We are pleased to welcome New York Times bestselling author, David Bodanis to open the second day of the Gas Fest with a powerful presentation to fire up our creative processes and solution-oriented mindsets.

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Sustainability journey

The key objective of the Gas Fest concept is to work towards cleaner energy for the many and we have kick-started the journey by drilling into opportunities and challenges of gas in a low-carbon future.

Economical, ecological and societal sustainability are the core values of the Gas Fest and we actively explore new ways to decrease carbon footprint but also to increase long term economic development and human wellbeing.

The Gas Fest is fully committed to retain positive environmental performance, societal impacts and economic sustainability by:

  • Favoring innovative digital solutions
  • Reducing waste and ensuring recycling
  • Increasing sustainability of the consumables
  • Supporting local suppliers, communities & businesses
  • Improving communications to delegates about sustainability
  • Ensuring cost efficiency with smart planning, smart buying and localized production
  • Ensuring 100% transparency to the sustainability processes